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Power Boosters - PAR Compatible

The Princeton Applied Research Power Boosters are designed to boost the Current measuring/applying capabilities of our potentiostats.  Each power booster consists of an external power supply interfaced to additional internal circuitry on the rear panel of the potentiostat.  A simple cable connection and switch setting converts the potentiostat from normal to boosted mode.  The boosters are compatible with both our PowerSuite and VersaStudio software packages.  These boosters can be supplied as a complete system at the time of original potentiostat purchase or can be added on (Factory installation required) at a later time.
  • 8 A / 50 V, 10 A / 20 V, and 20 A / 20 V Options
    • Voltage specification only boosts Compliance notPolarization potential
    • Voltage specification is bi-directional
    • Polarization potential range is determined by the potentiostat to which Booster is connected
  • Operates in boosted or normal mode
  • Compatible with PowerSuite or VersaStudio software
  • Internal 2A booster options for VersaSTAT 3/4/MC, and 263A
  • Power boosters may be purchased during initial purchase or added later